Have you heard about our Homebuyer’s Program?


searching for a new home to purchase?

Our flexible leases allow you an “out” whenever you find your dream home. You may leave without penalty at any time once you’ve found your new home, provided we recieve the required notice from you. You should never feel “locked in” or rushed to make a decision. If your search is taking longer than you expected, 511 Queens offers you the comfort to continue searching at your own pace, without requiring additional “month-to-month’ lease fees.

Building a new home?

We recognize that unexpected delays sometimes occur during construction. That’s why we offer you the flexible lease extensions without the addition of month-to-month fees, in the event that your building process is delayed for any reason.

selling your existing home and moving to 511 Queens?

We understand that selling your home can be stressful. If you reserve a residence at 511 Queens while your home is under contract, we will glady refund your Reservation Fee in the event your home does not close. If your closing date is moved, we will glady modify your lease start without penalty.


with our Homebuyer’s Program